The Fabulous VW Upocalypse! complete with whitewalls

After a quick labour, the Rust Van gave birth to a ‘fabulous’ baby Up! last week.

As you will see our good friend Kyle, who owns the most talked about vehicle in recent memory – the Rust wrapped VW Transporter – asked us to create something similar for his fiancé, local tattoo artist Karen.

Mother and Baby doing well!

The brief was simple. “Make it similar to the Rust Van but more SHIT!” 🙂 Well, here in Glasgow we don’t like to miss an opportunity to let our creative side out.

The end result is a 2015 model VW Up! with a full colour digitally printed and matt laminated wrap that takes the rust look to another level.

Wheels are going to be hydro-dipped in wood effect
Wheels are going to be hydro-dipped in wood effect

Asked if we could run moss over the window edges and onto parts of the roof as if it had been parked under a bush, our in-house designer Michael Dunbar went to town on the graphics. We also added some more colour overall to the underlying paintwork as a way of exaggerating the distressed look of the design.

Rust wraps

Straight outta Ru'glen!
Straight outta Ru’glen!

The rusted rat look has certainly caught the internet’s attention for Clyde Wraps recently with the blogging of Kyle’s van as a ‘Theft Prevention’ attempt – and we’re having a good laugh about it. Recently, celebrities such as Flo Rida (Musician), Bam Margera (MTV Jackass) and Pee Wee Herman (American TV) all blogged about it.

Clyde Wraps want to thank them – and everyone else – for drawing attention to the world of wrapping and the potential of custom graphics which is a great way of getting a one-off unique looking vehicle without the costs of painting and to the fact you can fully remove it when you are done with it.

Check out Karen’s tattoo work at Frenchie Fabulous.